Catapult Missouri is dedicated to assisting our partner school districts by providing tools and best practices for driving higher student enrollment for Summer Journey. This year, we are providing more tools than ever before, including new student recruitment videos for both social media and a longer form of viewing. Please consult the resources below, and feel free to contact [email protected] with any questions!

Student Recruitment Video


Please access the toggles below to find supporting flyers, graphics, and messaging for all your Summer Journey enrollment needs.

Sample Enrollment Flyer

Please contact [email protected] to have a flyer created for your district to print or use in email.

Social Media Graphic

Sample copy for social media messaging:

XX School District is proud to once again offer Summer Journey, a FREE and rewarding Summer school program through our partnership with Catapult Learning. Providing up to 180 hours of engaging and enriching curriculum for students grades K-8. Reduce your child’s summer learning loss and help build their critical thinking skills by heading to to enroll them today!

Sample email copy to use in messaging for parents:


XX School District is proud to once again offer Summer Journey, a FREE, fun, and engaging summer school program through our partnership with Catapult Learning for upcoming students in grades K-8. Summer Journey helps to reduce summer learning loss and increase students’ critical thinking skills, perhaps more important now than ever before.

Please view our attached flyer for more on Summer Journey.

Enroll your child (Hyperlink to Survey Monkey goes here)

Summer Journey highlights:

  • Wide range of curriculum including STEM robotics and more
  • Free transportation and meals for all students
  • Project-based and hands-on learning keeps students engaged
  • 93% parent approval in 2018

Additional Details:

  • Students entering grades K-8
  • Dates: TBD
  • Time: TBD
  • Host School (s) TBD

We hope that you choose to enroll your child in Summer Journey through the link above. If you have any

questions or concerns, please contact us at DISTRICTPHONENUMBER or DISTRICTEMAIL.


John Smith


XX School District

Below are two examples of message for robocall scripts or text messages to send to parents:

Robocall script:

Hello! This is John Smith, the Superintendent of XX School District. We are proud to offer Summer Journey, a fun, FREE, and engaging academic summer program for your children. Offered for students in grades K-8, Summer Journey is a great opportunity to build upon this year’s lessons while preventing learning loss and engaging children in a free and safe summer experience. You should have received materials either through email or mail on registration information. Please head to to find your district’s online enrollment link. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Test Messaging:

XX School District is proud to offer Summer Journey, a FREE and engaging program for your child from X.X-X.X. Register today at:

Need anything else? Contact [email protected] and our marketing team will work to assist you with any of your enrollment needs!