Summer Journey Assessments Identify Learning Gains

For grades 3-8, general criterion-referenced, pre- and post-assessments in communication arts and math are available. These assessments, already used by over 20 Missouri school districts, are structured after the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) test with multiple choice and constructive response questions. A screening assessment is also available for placing students into instructional intervention courses.

The graph shown displays Summer Journey 2017 Math and Reading assessment results. End of Summer Reports (EOS) include student academic gains, student attendance, financial reports, and parent and staff survey results.

Assessment Gains Graph

Assessment Gains

In 2021, Summer Journey students made 8% gains in math and 13% gains in reading.

Evaluate: Academic Growth Begins with Informed Instruction

Evaluate™, a next-generation formative assessment used by more than 20 Missouri districts, is a valuable and proven tool that builds the foundation for continual academic improvement.

Through a combination of web-based formative reading and math assessments and superior reporting and analysis tools, Evaluate engages students in their own learning, guides teachers as they target instruction, and allows administrators to identify instructional areas in need of additional resources and support.

Cutting-edge features that set Evaluate apart include:

  • Best-of-breed technology-enhanced question types that take students beyond multiple choice, challenging them with more rigor and authenticity
  • Frequent, fast, highly informative reporting that yields immediate academic impact
  • A reporting platform that provides more than just scores and diagnostics; it also includes embedded teacher resources provide teachers with concrete support for teaching challenging concept

“Evaluate helps us focus on specific skills to plan instructions and meet the individual needs of our students. We are able to monitor our students’ progress monthly, which allows us to be more proactive with our instruction and interventions.” – Administrator, Hazelwood SD, MO

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Our Summer Journey program was developed for Missouri students and has been used by Missouri school districts since 2000.

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