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Project-Based Learning  for all students entering Kindergarten to Grade 12

An academically rigorous and customizable summer program, Summer Journey improves students’
foundational skills and expands their knowledge and problem-solving abilities, all while reducing summer
learning loss. A combination of core academic courses and enriching Journey classes provides a full-day,
project-based learning curriculum that builds students’ communication and social skills, enhances leadership
skills, and encourages students’ creativity.

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Who We Serve

Each Summer, 30,000 students from nearly 50 school districts in Missouri participate in Summer Journey. Students love the fun-filled enrichment activities, parents enjoy knowing their child is safe in a full-day program, and teachers, principals, and district administrators appreciate the learning that happens over the summer. It is a win for all!

Summer Journey Features

  • More than 120 course offerings

  • Student recruitment materials to ensure high enrollment

  • Implementation support from an on-site Regional Operations Manager

  • Comprehensive teacher training with start-up manual and guide for successful implementation

  • Incentives to encourage student attendance

  • Criterion-referenced pre- and post-assessments for grades 3–8

Why Summer Journey?

Program Flexibility

for your District

The turnkey program provides:

  • Up to 168 hours of summer programming
  • More than 120 course options
  • Scripted lessons that engage students in hands-on cooperative activities
  • Transportation to and from the summer school program

Proven Student Participation

Summer Journey has proven to increase the number of participating students

Some districts have seen as much as a 300% increase in the number of participants.

Student Recruitment Made Easy

Empowering Enrollment

Student recruitment materials are provided to districts to maximize student attendance. Principals receive an engaging video to show to students during a school assembly or in individual classrooms.

94% of parents recommend Summer Journey

Based on a 2021 Survey

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Visit the following pages to learn more about how Summer Journey can positively impact your students with academic and enrichment courses from Catapult Missouri!

Plus, learn how our next-generation student assessment tool, Evaluate, builds the foundation for continual academic improvement.